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We are experts in managing & supporting it operations
Use information technology to meet your business objectives
Networking. Database Management.
Applications Development.
Project Management.
What can we do for you through information Technology Communication?


Fanatical technical support to give your business true continuity. Get help here, we are fans of your business.

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Connecting systems across the room or across the world? We can design and implement you next infrastucture.

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Want a reliable host to store, manage and protect your public or private databases? We can do that and more.

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How do you want to be represented online? Let us deliver a stunning website to get you noticed online.

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Why choose us?

Excellence. Whatever we do we do it to our best ability surpassing our competitors by offering a personalised service to the Jamaican IT Market.
 I started NTS with a vision of offering the right services to the right people. We offer outstanding value to our Jamaican customers without sacrificing quality.
Dmitry Parsons (director)
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